One of the first of its kind, this course responds to recent events which highlight the importance of security in preventing, controlling and responding to all forms of crime, whether originating in local, national or transnational contexts. International in its outlook, this course covers global security issues, including terrorism and transnational crime

You will:

  • Learn a thorough grounding in the disciplines of criminology and security
  • Benefit from our excellent links with local policing/security agencies
  • Gain a specialist degree, not widely available elsewhere  



Government or History, Economics plus two other social /Arts Subjects.

Direct Entry:

Two ‘A’ level passes in Economics and any one of Accounts, Business Management, Government, Geography, Statistics Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry or Agricultural. Science. 

Special Consideration:

ND/NCE at credit or merit level in relevant disciplines


Prof. Omaji

Head of Department


Professor Omaji is a highly versatile professional and Professor of Criminology. He has over 37 years of outstanding track records in university teaching, public policy/management practices, and leadership training. Academically, he specialises in the sociology of law, with particular focus on crime prevention, justice systems (including alternative dispute resolution) and security studies. Vocationally, he consults in leadership development - including vision formulation, strategy development, organisational health and superior performance.