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Department of Physiology



To produce highly competent personnel that are able to effectively function professionally and in the fear of God and love for humanity thus deal with locally present common health conditions and yet capable of functioning internationally by keeping abreast with cutting edge health care delivery practices through learning for self-reliance and professional development.  To foster mutual respect and camaraderie among the various members of health care professionals for the ultimate benefit of the clients and society at large.  The programme of study is designed not only to meet the intellectual demands and techniques in the field of medicine and its sub-specialties together with a broad knowledge of Medical science to enable them make meaningful contributions to our people in moving away from poverty, ignorance and ill-health.


To guide the students in the acquisition of the following:

1.(a)       Knowledge and understanding of basic Physiology/Pharmacology.

    (b)       Knowledge and understanding of the structure and operation of the human body in health and in various Health Conditions.

   (c)        Basic analytical and quantitative skills for developing pool of medical practitioners who are well equipped to do research, be self employed and to generate employment opportunities for others.

2.  To expose students to the study of Physiology/ Pharmacology as medical science; which seeks to explain human reactions to changes in the individual, society and environment.

3.  To enable students acquire a solid theoretical background that is applicable and usable in interpreting real life problems and situations, especially in the Nigerian context.

4.  To train Physiologists/ Pharmacologist required by the public and private sectors of the Nigerian society.


For admission into the B.Sc. degree programme, candidates are required to possess:

(a)   An acceptable pass in UME (University Matriculation Examination). UME subjects are English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. 

(b)   In addition, candidates must have O' Level credit passes in Physics, Chemistry, English Language, Mathematics and Biology. 

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