The subject matter of Management and Social Sciences is man, his management and behaviour in society. It involves the study of human behaviour, its environment, management, administration and its element, and the interaction among these. Its knowledge and approach are inevitable for improving the quality of human life. The various disciplines in the management and social science study human behaviour from their special standpoint. However, being a dynamic area of study, there are different standpoints which constitute the various disciplines in the Management and Social Sciences which we belief that adequate training in these discipline will develop the mind, impart both theoretical and practical knowledge on the individual students, develop self-confidence, help to innovate and self-reliant in the field.


These include:


(i)     The need to describe, explain, predict human behaviour and the socio-cultural environment;

(ii)  The need to avoid unnecessary human biases as well as the trial and error approach to social problems through the formulation of appropriate hypotheses and theories of Social Science

(iii)  The need to raise our consciousness in public socio-economic and other national policies;

(iv) The need to provide basic knowledge and skill needed for the understanding and analysis of problems related to the management and administration of industrial, commercial, public and other human organisations;

(v)   The need to equip students with knowledge and skills of decision making; especially the analytical skills needed for recognising, defining and solving problems; and

(vi) The need to develop in students, leadership and interpersonal relations skills in management.


List of programmes and degree (s) in view

1)      B.Sc. Accounting

2)     B.Sc. Banking & Finance/ B.Sc. Business Administration

3)     B.A History and International Studies

4)      B.Sc International Relations

5)      B.Sc Mass Communication

6)      B.Sc Criminology and Security Studies

7)      B.Sc. Economics

8)      B.Sc Political Science

9)      B.Sc Psychology        


Student/Faculty ratio: 4

Programmes: 8

Departments: 8




Business Admin







International relations

Mass Comm

Pol Science