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Oct. 26, 2023 | Author | 0 Comments

Going forward, we are pleased to inform the University community that Management has approved the following resumption dates for the 2023/2024 Academic Session

  1. All students in 400L from CAMASS, CONAS and Public Health and those in 500L COBAMS (MLS, Nursing & Physiotherapy) are expected to resume on Saturday, 21st October, 2023.
  2. JUPEB students are expected to resume on Saturday, 21st October, 2023.
  3. Other Category of students: Freshmen are to resume Saturday 11th November, 2023 while Other returning students are to resume Sunday 12th November, 2023.
  4. School Fee : Freshmen are to pay the fee that was earlier communicated while returning students are to pay the same rate they paid in 2022/2023 academic session
  5. Minimum Payment Expected : All students are reminded to ensure the payment of 70% of their respective fees before resumption
  6. Review of School Fees : Changes in school fees will be communicated to all concerned when approved.

By a copy of this notice, all concerned are to put in place appropriate mechanisms to ensure a seamless resumption for the 2023/2024 Academic Session. 

Accept the best wishes of the University Management.

Thank you.


S.B Omotoso (Registrar)


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