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Summary of the enthralling International Pan-African conference

June 30, 2019 | Author | 0 Comments

At last the International Pan-African conference on the Challenges of Growth and Sustainable Development in Africa organised by Chrisland University and CEO Africa has held and concluded suucessfully.

The train moved from Sunday 24th June to receive ex-Vice President of Liberia, Sr Joseph Boakai and his entourage, other dignitaries from various African countries,  to a press conference in Chrisland University, to a courtesy visit to a great royal father,  Oba Adedotun Gbadebo III , the Alake of Egba land, to climbing of Olumo rock, to receiving a great daughter and amazon of Nigeria, Dr Obiageli Ezekwesili among others from Africa.  

The train picked up on Monday 25th with courtesy visit to the Chancellor/Founder, of Chrisland University, a great Nigerian who has established sustainable education in Africa,  High Chief Dr Mrs Winifred Awosika OON,  to a grand opening ceremony, to listening to one of the best addresses on Sustainable ecomomy by Dr Ezekwesili, to the second keynote by Prof Charles Binam, the Executive Secretary of CERDOTOLA,  Cameroon, to break out sessions, to conference dinner, cultural dances, awards  and presentations. 

Day three June 25th continued with more plenary and break out sessions, summaries and closure of conference.

Some points stood out namely:

1. The problems and Challenges of Africa will be solved by Africans

2. Africans need to love each other, work on their mindset, dialogue and solve their problems

3. With Africa ranking the lowest in all aspects of sustainable growth indices, we must admit the bitter truth that Africa has problems and that we are not doing well but can do better

4.  African leaders must focus on sustainable economic development that can take care of today as well as the future and thus improve quality of life

5.  We should adopt the Holy Trinity of Growth and Development namely - i) Design & Execution of sound policies, ii) building strong institutions,  iii) quality investments

6.  Traditionally, Africa practices economy of affection and should leverage on that concept to solve her problems 

7. Africa should adopt ABCD of development i.e. Asset-based Community Development rather needs-based which the developed world sells to Africa

8. Adopt Industradition rather than industrialization 

9. Leverage on our African languages as a strong tool

10 Other concepts....

May Africa overcome her challenges!!!

We express deep gratitude to Ogun State governor and government, Alake of Egba Land,  BOT, Council, all participants,  speakers,  LOC, staff and students of Chrisland, the press, well wishers and finally our collaborator CEO Africa for their support.

To God be all the glory!!!


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