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A healthy workforce breeds productivity in research- Canergie Fellow, Dr. Olu Awosoga

Oct. 27, 2021 | Author | 0 Comments

A healthy workforce breeds productivity in research- Canergie Fellow, Dr. Olu Awosoga 

An Associate Professor from the University of Lethbridge, Canada, and a Carnegie Fellow under the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Program, Dr. Olu Awosoga has enunciated that a healthy workforce breeds productivity in research.

He made this statement during his presentation at the day 1 of the Chrisland University's seminar series for all members of staff held at the University Auditorium on Wednesday, 20th October, 2021.

In his presentation titled “Exploring the Advantages of Work-Life Balance to Enhance the Researchers Productivity”, he highlighted work-related factors such as job demands and pressures, degree of autonomy and flexibility, excessive workloads and poor health status as  factors that could slacken the productivity of a researcher.

While pointing out that writing thesis, papers, or proposals for grants tend to be the tasks that researchers keep putting off until later. He stressed that getting in the habit of starting right away may help researchers tackle tasks more efficiently.

Dr. Awosoga however advised researchers to avoid distractions, excessive workloads, balance family and future careers, attend conferences and seminars, and be more conversant with their health status as well as their general well-being.


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