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Happy 82nd Birthday to our Chancellor, High Chief Dr. Mrs. Winifred Awosika, OON

Feb. 13, 2022 | Author | 0 Comments

Today 13 February is another special day in our lives as we in Chrisland University and all Chrislanders mark the 82nd birthday of our mother, a Nigerian Amazon, an icon, an amazing educationist per excellence - High Chief Dr Mrs Winifred Awosika OON.

What shall we render unto Jehovah for He has done so very much for us.

Mummy we are thankful to the Amighty God who has kept you alife and well for these number of years. They have been 82 years of fruitfulness, hardwork, innovation, creativity, entreprenuership, vision & mission, productivity, successes, beauty, glory, honour, blessings and global impact.

You see ahead what others don't see and hear what others don't hear, hence you have surpassed them all.

Through our God you have done valiantly.

On a day like this we pray that God will open the floodgates of heaven and pour forth His rain and His Spirit upon you so you will receive new new dreams, new strength, new health, new grace, new achievement and new all round blessings.

May He grant you all the desires that will make you glad and joyful all the days of your life.

Happy birthday Dear Mummy.

Keep shining the light.

Prof Mrs Chinedum Peace Babalola 


On behalf of Chrisland University family


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