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Fieldwork/ Practicum for Public Health Students of Chrisland University

July 14, 2023 | Author | 0 Comments

Fieldwork/ Practicum for Public Health Students of Chrisland University 

As part of the practicum sessions, from 200level, the public health students go out regularly under supervision to observe/participate in activities that are either at the health facility level or community engagement level to inculcate the principles of primary health care into them.  

At the health facility level, the students rotate through the stand for the registration of outpatients. Here they are taken through the rudiments of proper registration of any client coming into the facility for one service or the other. They are taught the importance of accurately capturing the sociodemographic information of the patient amongst other details.

Also the students observe and participate in the health education sessions for general outpatient, immunisation and antenatal clinics. Topics on general well being, personal hygiene, nutrition and adherence to medications are emphasized during these health talks.

At the vital signs table, the students are supervised to take basic vital signs from the patients including weight, height, blood pressure, temperature and calculation of Body mass Index (BMI).

At the immunisation stand students are taught the immunisation schedule as appropriate for age of the children, they observe the necessary antigens being administered by the qualified personnel, and also participate in the food demonstration sessions for the mothers/caregivers of the children.

The public health students during practicum session observe firsthand the treatment of common ailments using the standing order and the importance of the referral system. They also observe the control of locally endemic diseases like malaria, tuberculosis, onchocerciasis etc.

At the community level, the major activities of the public health students include: mapping, community diagnosis with structured household questionnaires to collect the information on the health of families in the community. 

They are also involve in locating and appraising the community water supply, waste disposal methods and general environmental hygiene of the community. They go to the schools in the community to carry out school health services. The information collected by each student group working with integrity and team spirit are recorded, analysed and submitted as a report of the field work activities.

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