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Chrisland University Raises the Bar on E-Learning Skills for Staff

Jan. 26, 2022 | Author | 0 Comments

Chrisland University Raises the Bar on E-Learning Skills for Staff


The initiation of e-learning in education has changed the phases of global education worldwide. COVID-19 has brought about visible, significant changes in our lifestyle, education, career, business, conduct, social relationships, health, economy, and nearly everything. E-learning is a modern creation in education, which emphasizes learner’s oriented and lifelong teaching learning procedures. 

E-Learning has come to stay, and we all have to embrace its effective utilization, so that we will not be left behind. Chrisland University is a global thinking and ICT driven institution being one of the first institutions in the country to embrace e-learning system, making us ahead of the situation. In the last few years, we raised the bar for our online learning. Along the line, the University was drafted by HP (Inc), Classera (R) and Mirai partners based in USA and UAE to participate in the “Be-Online Education Program”. 

Chrisland University became the first beneficiary for the program in Nigeria and the providers deployed their services free from July to November 2020. Classera has provided a robust system for the online learning already adopted and was used to conduct the second semester examinations and summer system lectures and examinations during the 2020/2021 academic session. 

The online teaching helped to track students’ attendance, submission of assignment, plagiarism tracking, among others in 2020 and 2021. It helped to expose students and lecturers to richer resources online including information from Ivy League Institutions. However, we are not resting on out oars, as we are still combining e-learning with classroom learning for effective learning experience. 

Recently, the University conducted a training for our staff members in the Department of Nursing with focus on how the online management system (Classera) works, with short videos illustration and guides on how to utilize this e-learning facility to aid teaching design strategy.  

Chrisland University is committed to promoting competence and confidence to engage in new technology-driven approaches which is why we constantly coach our members of staff to meet the continuous advancements of the e-Learning facilities in order to maximize quality education in Nigeria.


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