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Chrisland University Chaplaincy Unit Organizes Christian Movie Night for Students

Dec. 16, 2022 | Author | 0 Comments

Chrisland University Chaplaincy Unit Organizes Christian Movie Night for Students 

The Chaplaincy Unit of Chrisland University on 16th December, 2022 organized Christian movie night for students.

The activity was to encourage socialization among students, reinforce life lessons, learn real life social situations that students could utilize in the development of their own understanding of the world, as well as to discuss the important lessons students could learn from to overcome obstacles of life.

The first movie shown was a short film titled, Christian? The movie emphasized on individual’s identity in Jesus Christ as well as the features and what individuals portray out there to the world; it encourages building of personal relationship with Christ as Christians.

The second movie was about a man who seeks God, he was searching desperately for God and he decided to embark on a personal special praying and fasting program to see God. 

For the first day, he faltered when he perceived the delicacy his wife was making in the kitchen. He then decided to begin the next day after which he also broke the fasting in the process because of food but before he could finally break, he was called by God to seek things that nourish him spiritually not just physically, he heeded and persevered. 

He eventually had an encounter with God in his closet and he surprisingly spent five days there thinking it was merely eight hours because he lost track of time in the presence of God.

The movie night ended with an impactful and Spirit-filled prayer session for students.

This activity also forms part of the University mandate to raise an outstanding generation of young leaders that radiate strong physical, mental and spiritual intellect.


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