Admission and Graduation Requirements

The entry requirements shall be at least credit level passes in five subjects including English

Language, Mathematics, to form the core course with credit in three other relevant science courses

Biology, Chemistry, Technical drawing Agricultural Science and Geography at the Senior Secondary

School Certificate or its equivalent and at least a pass in Physics. In addition, an acceptable pass in

the University Matriculation Examination (UME) into 100-level is required. For the B.Sc.

Programme in Biochemistry, candidates must have credit level passes in Biology, Chemistry and


Expected duration for UME candidates shall be 4 years. Expected duration for Direct Entry (DE)

candidates with two A level passes (graded A-E) at the Advanced Level in one or more relevant

subjects (Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics and Physics) may undertake the

three – year degree programme into 200-level.